Games & Physical Education

Healthy body is a must for a healthy mind .The School gives equal importance to the healthy growth of a child by encouraging a wide range of sports for different age groups.

The games provided are Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volley Ball, Basketball(outdoor), Badminton, Chess, Carrom etc.(indoor).

Students are coached by able instructors and guides, Athletics and Yoga are also available for students.

House System

For effective administration and to foster esprit - de - corps and healthy competition in sports and academics the school is grouped into four houses namely Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter.


At this level children are encouraged to become aware of their world, to learn and develop basic concepts of language and Mathematics and to recognise the link between different fields of study. All these are being done with the help of toys, games and object lessons and through various activities.

At all the stages, an appreciation of environment and its maintenance is encouraged among students. The school tries to make learning a pleasant and meaningful experience for the child. We help every single child blossom into an extra ordinary individual ready to face the rough & tumble of the adult world.

Assesment & Evaluation

The School strictly follows the pattern of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) which looks into the overall development of the child. A comprehensive evaluation of the child is done by the teachers of the school through a series of Formative and Summative Assessments as per CBSE guidelines. This is followed by special remedial instructions whenever its necessity is indicated by the continuous evaluation.


To inculcate a healthy spirit of competition ,individual and collective awards are given to students for distinction in Academics, Games, Sports and other Co-curricular activities. The awards also act as a mechanism of motivation for students to strive constantly for excellence in various fields.

Communication Skills

The school possesses an excellent team of dedicated ,honest and experienced teachers.

Spoken English classes are held in order to enhance the ability of speaking in English using a separate Audio-Visual system.

Speaking and Listening Skills and habits are generated in the learners with the help of Lingua Phones ,CD's and by organizing Elocution ,Debates,Extempore and Speech classes. Recently we have given platform to creative learners to express themselves by releasing quarterly School Magazine,"The Expression".