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A Child's mind is one of God's most wondrous creations, and to nourish as well as develop it in the right way is one of the most delicate and rewarding tasks one can undertake. At GDMIS, we dedicate ourselves to the best and total development of the child's mind, body and spirit.

Mission Statement - “The school ensures promotion of reading and speaking habits in English of its students through different activities.”

Education can and should be a rigorous but enjoyable process for a child. The child is encouraged to learn by himself under the guidance of the teacher. GDMIS imparts education which is a perfect blend of Indian culture, tradition and knowledge required to suit the modern era. G. D. Mother International School being a progressive institution is constantly engaged not only in improving the knowledge and skills of its students and their academic results but is also endeavouring to bring about their integral development through a host of well planned activities and personal example and healthy influence of the teachers. Our aim is to enable each one of our students to develop thir talents and to realise their creative potential including responsibility for their own lives and achievement of their personal aims.